Unistone and Retaining Wall Installation

Lavoie Leblanc was established in 1988 in Vaudreuil, on the West Island of Montreal. Our team of professional landscapers has built solid expertise and formed strong partnerships with a number of landscape architects. By trusting us, they have allowed us to become a key player in the Vaudreuil area, and the West Island of Montréal, for all unistone paving and retaining wall projects.


Unistone paving actually is the name for all concrete paving. Today, there is such diversity in available models that you are sure to find one suitable for your yard. Regardless of the style you want for your unistone paving and the surface it will cover, our experts will advise you and guide you toward the solution that is most appropriate for you.

For more than 26 years, we have selected the highest quality materials in the unistone paving and retaining wall market in Vaudreuil. We have placed our trust in Permacon and Techo Bloc products, which are the best in their categories. With the variety of textures and colours available, we can guarantee that we will exceed your expectations. You can rest assured that you’ll obtain an original and unique design, that you won’t find anywhere else on the West Island of Montreal.

Our expertise is applied at all stages in the realization of your project. We get involved during the design stage by defining the plans with you. Together, we’ll choose the most appropriate materials (products, appearances, colour shades…). We’ll then help out with implementation, starting with the transport and routing of all materials. We comply to very high standards when it comes to performing excavations, building a retaining wall, putting up steps, border, or pavement. We also use laser equipment for the best accuracy. Today, our reputation goes beyond the boundaries of Montreal’s West Island.

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