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Les Entreprises Lavoie Leblanc are there to fill all your landscaping needs. We can create a personalized landscaping plan that is made to measure in as little as 48 hours! Landscaping, paving stones, retaining walls, patios, turf, and asphalt: Lavoie Leblanc takes charge of your project from A to Z.

Always attentive to its clients, our Quebec business has been taking care of its customers’ landscaping projects for over 25 years, executing them exactly according to plan, and therefore ensuring maximum satisfaction. Thanks to our mindful service, personalized landscaping and flawless results, Lavoie Leblanc now has over 2,000 satisfied customers. Plus, to help you see the possibilities for your outdoor space, our estimates are free. As professional and experienced landscapers, it will be our pleasure to help you complete your project so that your outdoor space is exactly the way you imagine it, while respecting the industry’s highest quality standards.

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Don’t hesitate to call les Entreprises Lavoie Leblanc to discuss your project. We also invite you to complete the following form and give us a few details about your project. We will get back to you quickly to discuss your vision, expectations and the various possibilities we have to offer.

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